A country under attack is defended by it’s armed forces. Likewise, our body is blessed with an immune system to help us fight infections caused by disease producing organisms.Today as our nation combats the Novel Coronavirus, we as individuals can contribute towards this cause by simply strengthening our immune system further to help us fight this disease.

Dietary guidelines:

  • Vitamin C an age old and most powerful immunity booster promotes healing. Foods like lime,oranges, amla etc are rich sources of vitamin-C and should be consumed daily.
  • Green leafy vegetables,tomatoes, bell peppers,papaya ,dairy products are rich in beta carotene,vitamins and zinc and should be consumed regularly. Steaming also helps to preserve nutritive value of vegetables.
  • Omega -3-fatty acids containing foods like flax seeds, walnuts, sesame seeds,peanuts , beans etc aid in boosting immunity and also in joint mobility issues as they contain essential oils.
  • Almonds a rich source of Vitamin-A can be consumed daily.
  • Avoid processed and packaged foods, bakery products,aerated drinks, artificially sweetened products, flour( can opt for whole grains instead)

Lifestyle modifications:

  • Our body undergoes a reparative process while we sleep.. so 6-8 hrs sleep is recommended..
  • Exposure to sunlight helps UV-B induced vitamin D production in the skin which prevents deficiency of this essential vitamin.
  • Exercising about 30 mins a day improves overall body functioning.. Being home -bound ,simple aerobic exercises,skipping, using stairs instead of lifts also suffices.
  • Minimise use of AC and opt for open well -ventilated areas instead.
  • Maintaining hygienic measures while coughing,sneezing etc and regular hand washing should be practiced.
  • Yoga not only helps in improving body flexibility but also improves mental health.
  • Stress levels are undoubtedly going to be high in the current scenario.So try to minimise this by indulging in hobbies like reading, painting, cooking,viewing motivational videos anything that makes you happy.
    And lastly do remember that tough situations never last but tough people do.

Stay positive , Stay safe and Stay healthy.