By Dr. Shirley Fernandes.

A leading cause of visual disturbances in the older age group is cataract which is an opacifiaction of the normal transparent lens in the eye… treatment for the same incorporates cataract removal with intraocular lens implantation leading to clarity in vision.

A frequently asked question by Patients is whether cataract needs to be operated only after it completely matures??

Answer to this being that with the current advances in surgical technology (Mics and Femto) even early cataracts are operated giving optimal visual correction. In fact cases operated in the early stages tend to have better outcomes with higher safety rates, lesser operative time, faster recovery period and better accuracy.

Pts. with complaints of blurred vision, frequent change in glasses, photophobia need to be screened to assess the stage of cataract, any co-existing morbidity, the best corrected visual acuity following which the decision to get operated can be taken.