By Dr. Siddharth Shete

An age group posing challenges in any set up is the paediatric age group where many visual problems go undetected as children are not able to pinpoint their complaints as well as adults do…this leads to late detection and further deterioration in vision..

In order to tackle these regular screening camps should be held in schools wherein at least basic visual disturbances can be picked up at an early stage which helps to prevent further complications…

Parents are also guided to detect subtle signs in children like

  • Difficultly in viewing blackboards
  • Watching television from close
  • Narrowing eyes while viewing or even taking up specific positions like face turn or tilting the head point towards visual disturbances
  • Frequent rubbing of eyes

In preschool children parents can also be guided to note whether children follow lights n sounds

Any abnormal reflexes seen in d central dark portion of the eye

All of the above should warrant eye checkups…