By Dr. Amit Nene

It is rightly said that eyes are the windows to the soul because a basic eye examination can give us valuable insights into systemic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and raised intracranial tension and so on.

Diabetes mellitus a group of metabolic disorders characterized by raised blood sugar levels tends to affect the blood vessels of the inner layer of the eye (i.e. The Retina) leading to blood spots and swelling of the retina and in later stages even active bleeding in the posterior segment of the eye leading to visual disturbances…this condition is called Diabetic Retinopathy..

Regular eye checks in diabetic pts. are recommended where retina examination and sos retinal scans (OCT &FFA) are done which help to grade the severity of retinopathy. This further helps in deciding treatment modalities either Anti VEGF injections or laser photo coagulation..

Strict diabetes control and sugar monitoring specially HBA1C (a 3 month average sugar level) is a must for all pts. with diabetic retinopathy.