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Month: January 2021

Know your New Glasses better

Know Your New Glasses Better  –Dr Vidya Naik[ Lasik, Cornea & Cataract Surgeon ] &Diana Annie[ BBA, PGD In Aviation(AUH) ] How Quick Would I Be Able To Adapt The New Glasses ?Most of the time people do use for Fancy/Looks which pyschologically wearer thinks would enhance their personality however Read More…

Eye Care Tips For Winter

  Dr Amit Nene{ Vitreous Retina & Cataract Eye Surgeon } &Diana Annie{ BBA, PGD in Aviation (AUH) & Health Awareness Programmer } 🏂 Hurray its Winter ! ! ! As tempreature wiggles/flips to winter, we think how to keep our body warm. We do protect our eyes from glaring Read More…

Protecting Your Vision as You Age

–Dr. Lomesh Patil[MS, DNB, FICO, FCRS] &M Kazi[Ms.Opt, FLVPEI] As you, age you may notice changes in your vision, such as trouble reading the menu at a restaurant or adjusting the font to the larger size on your phone. Most people find that even if they didn’t need glasses before, Read More…

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