A fast paced lifestyle and digital dependency are factors responsible for a surge in ocular surface and muscle problems giving rise to what we call as computer vision syndrome .This condition seems to be affecting a vast number of people with no age predilection…

Prolonged working hrs on computers, laptops and even mobiles results in infrequent blinking which is required for the proper spread of the tear film and lack of this invariably leads to dry eyes the common symptoms of which are

– Grittiness in the eyes

– Redness


– Eye strain

Muscle fatigue due to constantly working at a particular distance without breaks also gives rise to asthenopic symptoms like blurring of vision & headaches.

Bad body postures also result in musculoskeletal issues increasing neck and back problems..

Some simple tips to relieve these symptoms are:

– Proper lighting conditions while working on gadgets so that there is minimal glare encountered

– Following the 20-20-20 rule i.e taking a 20 sec break every 20 mins and focusing at something at a   distance of 20 feet.

-Frequent eye washes are always recommended

-ARC glasses for PC users

-Adjusting the angle of the screen so as to achieve good body posture

-and last but not the least a healthy balanced diet incorporating anti oxidants and a restful sleep goes a  long way in maintaining good ocular health..